(Australian Amateur Radio Truck Drivers Club)


        The Australian Amateur Radio Truck Drivers Club (AARTDC) was formed from those on this list essentially to provide facilities for the Australian Amateur population at large and to provide support specifically to Australian truckies who are Amateur Radio enthusiasts, or are intending to join this wonderful hobby.

        The aims, therefore are pretty simple.

  1. Provide repeaters and/or IRLP/Echolink nodes in as many locations around the country as possible, for the use of all licensed Radio Amateurs.  This is especially in areas with limited or no VHF or UHF access to the ham world at large, or to enhance areas already serviced.

  2. To provide a network of "mentors" in matters relating to Amateur Radio, especially to those who are within our industry.

  3. Assist, wherever possible. individuals to study for and gain their "Ham" license, particularly fellow truck drivers.

  4. Assist fellow truckies with matters technical as required.

  5. To promote the hobby of Amateur Radio in every way possible within our means.

  6. Provide scheds or nets at times appropriate to keep our fellow truckies (and Amateurs) in communication whilst travelling.

  7. To offer that good, old fashioned , Aussie expression, "mateship" to fellows hams, especially those in the transport industry.

        All facilities are provided "gratis" and at no cost to members or to the greater Amateur Radio population at large.  These facilities are provided thanks to the generosity and donations from members of this group.  All equipment is owned by the individuals from the group and are on "permanent loan" to the group for the sole purposes outlined above.  In many cases, the facilities are situated (for example, EchoIRLP nodes) in the homes of members and their family and friends and all costs are bourne by those individuals.

        At least 1 repeater is being "set up" by a technician from outside this group, completely gratis.  This man is providing 3 radios, repeater controller and various other pieces of hardware, and his time  and knowledge for absolutely nothing.  He is a quiet and unassuming individual and I will not name him here, for fear of embarrassing him, but his work is well appreciated.

        In addition to this, several members of the group have donated computers, radios and other gear for the betterment of us all and I thank them.  Again, I will not name them at this stage, however in time to come I feel that all should know just how generous these blokes have been.

        Further information about the club will be posted in due course.  In the meantime, members of the club are all those listed on the "main" page of this site.