Fishing Trip #1

    I have called this "Fishing Trip #1" as I am both expecting more pictures from this exercise as well as anticipating there will be another expedition early next year.

    You can't keep these bloody Ozhamtruckies down. As if they haven't enough to do during their normal working lives, every year they pack up their radios, fishing gear, tinnies (the kind you drink) and themselves, jump on an aircraft (one of them itty bitty damned  things), fly down to Flinders Island and are "Gone Fishin'" for a week.

    Since they don't seem to get enough radio contacts at work, they talk through various means via 2 metres as they fly down there, harass the poor damned Taswegians on their repeaters whilst they are there, then terrorise the mainlanders on air, from the air on the way back.

    Just to prove to us that they really do some fishing whilst they are on the island, here are a few happy snaps.


The Boat - The Straight Lady A selection of the catch from one day's outing.

From left. Steve (VK3LSW), John (one of Steve's drivers), Bill (the pilot) and Peter (VK3MAP)