Spencer & Dunkley, became Brambles SCG), Dunedin New Zealand
1965-1973 Austins FGs, Mercs 1418, Commer TS3s, Leyland Comets, Inters.
2007 Gosford RFS Bulk Water Brigade

            Should explain about the Kevin.. My full name is Kenneth John Kevin
Kirkby and when I first started with Spencer's, there were already four
Kens in thirty drivers which was really confusing.. One side of the
family always called me Kevin for some unknown reason (bad hearing I
think). One of the first cartage jobs I got was to deliver timber to
this uncle, a builder, much to his surprise.. He called back to the
despatch office and said what great job his nephew Kevin had done, so
there was instantly one less Ken :) Well the Boing I had more of a
spring in my stride in those days, and the resident applier of nicks
instantly labelled me 'Boing Boing'. His nicks generally stuck like shit
for life -- I remember one bloke instantly becoming Jaws due to his
prominent facial feature... Shakes because of his parkinsons, ...

            Fun days.. Will scan some pics think I got a couple still.. In those
days Bruce Plested who founded Mainfreight was still a branch manager
at one of the rail consolidators.. and I had moments of power, where
I was able to abuse him for non deliveries/wagon shortages.. etc.


                I am also involved in the Rural Fire Brigade (NSW) - Gosford Bulk Water Brigade.