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Aussie Truck Driving Hams Registry


           Latest update

        We have a new email reflector. It can be reached at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ozhamtruckies/ and I recommend you all subscribe.


        I have been remiss in as much as I have failed to thank Liz Parkinson for drawing the logo that appears on every page on this site (at least, I hope it is on every page), as well as on our official letterhead.  Liz is Ken's (Boing) wife and she did it at very short notice, promptly and without accepting payment.  I am sure that you all share my gratitude for Liz's efforts.

        The purpose of this page initially is to provide a forum and/or contact point and registry of all truck drivers who are Amateur (Ham) Radio enthusiasts in Australia.  In time, it is hoped that this site will contain a registry of many, if not all, "Ham Truckies" throughout the nation.


        You control whether you're on this site and you control how much information is available to the rest of us and the public at large. If you don't want to be listed, don't email me!  If you do wish to be listed, send me an email containing your name, callsign, what affiliation you have with the industry - currently a driver/owner-driver, loader driver, bus driver, courier driver, retired etc etc (all mandatory) and anything else you wish to be made publicly available, such as your mobile phone number, who you work for (or if you're an owner driver) or anything else you may wish.

        One day I will actually create a form for you to fill in......... one day!

Section below updated.

        So what do you do now? Simple.  Just email me with those details and, as time permits, I will add you to this site.  There are a few already added to give the list a kick off and to give you an idea that we are only going to put on there what you want on there! In addition to adding you to the list, I also automatically put you on a "page updates" email list.  Don't worry, I send it Bcc, so unless people really know what they're doing, I am not forwarding your email details all over the shop!  If you do not wish to be added to the "updates email list", just let me know when you send me your details.  Okay?


        After careful consideration, I reckon that it is sufficient to just have the name/nickname you're known by on this site.  If you particularly want all your names, then I will add them, but I reckon we should keep it relatively informal.  What do you reckon?


        You will notice Wayne, VK2PDW in the list.  Wayne used to drive trucks, but now has gone to "the dark side" (just kidding, Wayne)!  Wayne works for the Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW, as an inspector, although he mostly does "compliance" rather than roadside ....... interception!  Wayne had some reservations about being added to the site in case some were offended, however my feeling is that we are all out here on the roads together and having Wayne listed has more going for it than against it.  I know that, within reason and within the limitations of his position, Wayne is always happy to provide clarification of regulations - not interpretation, but clarification.  I trust you will see this matter as I do.  Welcome aboard, Wayne.


        Another suggestion made to me is that where people wish to include additional information beyond what can be fit within the constraints of our table, a link may be added to their name and/or call-sign to a page specific to them - when I get time to do it.  If this is what you want, then this is what I shall endeavour to do!   :-)


        Some chaps had a bit more information that they wished included than the available space in the table, so the solution is that if you click on their name or call-sign (which will show up as a link) you will be taken to their "own page" on this site.


        This page is still pretty rough.  I have to make a whole heap of improvements and changes, including a bit better layout, however I am concentrating on just getting as much information on the site as I can, as quickly as I can and make it look "pretty" later!


        Also, I would like to thank and commend Alf, The Black Stump. for all his efforts, ringing around and trying to track down those who may not have heard otherwise! Good on ya, Alfie!


        Bob, VK5FRJP has sent me through some links that might be useful.  I have created a separate page for his links, but I am sure you will work it out!


        Also, I have never had a 19 inch monitor in my life - until now!  I suddenly discovered that the background image on this site has started to "tile" on a big screen.  I will address that problem, when I get time as it kind of spoils the pleasure of visiting the site and certainly does nothing to add to the visual presentation of it.  I gotta get some time out of the time bank, first, though!


        See below for the chart/list!


        Have fun!





Category Phone #
VK2XB/VK2PUP Company Driver (0418) 201441
2 Bruiser VK2FABK Company Driver .
3 The Black Stump VK2GAP 

(email address)

Semi Retired 0415680317
4 Peter VK3MAP Company Driver .
5 Sooty VK2FBRO Owner Driver .
6 Marty


(Note Marty is a Canadian but happy to be on our list)

Company Driver 204-734-8310

You will have to work out the Canadian prefix for yourselves! 

7 Brian VK3NAY Retired .
8 Lionel VK3NM/VK6DC


Courier Driver .
9 Neil VK2FKAT Company Driver .
10 Bob VK2CRG Company Driver

I have added Bob's number to his page!

11 Wes (Five-0) VK2WC Company Driver


12 Wayne VK2PDW

Ex Driver, now RTA

13 Keith VK2HBJ

Ex interstate company driver - now road maintenance!

14 Thommo VK2WPT Company Driver .
15 Tom VK2NAU Retired .
16 Wayne VK2RR Council Truckie .
17 John VK3UO Owner Driver 0412502603
18 Steve VK3LSW Fleet Owner Operator 0418148279
19 Ken/Kev (Boing) ZL4TAR/VK2XAL Old Fart .
20 Big Steve VK2UD Now back driving! 0417228231
21 Bushie VK2GWJ

Ex driver - now Rural Fire Service




Company Road Train Driver


23 Mongrel (Bazz)



Retired Ambulance Service

24 Paul VK3PJH Company Driver 0427720378
25 Geoff VK2GRM

Ex Owner Driver & Company Driver

Listening on 7.070
26 Col VK5HCF Company Driver 0404152324
27 Chris VK3HGX Company Driver .
28 Paul VK3FTPC Company Driver 0423514747
29 Robert VK5FRJP Fits about 3 categories! .
Garry (#7)
VK3FREQ Company Driver 0406266119
VK3FMAJ Company Driver 0404865844
32 Ray VK3HSR Company Driver .
33 Dave  (God) VK2RD / VE3DFK See Dave's Page 0412699502 / 02 49751136
34 David  VK4ZDP Company Driver .
35 Carl VK2HRC Bus Driver .
36 Mike VK4JZZ Company Driver .
37 David  VK3VCS 


Radio Tech For Transport Industry .
38 Tony VK3UBO Company Driver PH 0428108706
39 Ken VK2CRN Semi Retired .
40 Michael  VK2KBC Retired Owner Driver .
41 Kieran VK2JKB Kieran to supply more info .
42 Kazza (XYL of VK2UD)

I have it on good authority Kazza is a good sort.  My source is Steve, VK2UD

VK2ZKG Bus driver & our first lady on the list! .
43 Steve VK2BCD Company Driver .
44 Norm   VK2ZG Retired .
45 Paul/Humvee VK2HMV Retired 0417897225
46 Bill/Wacca VK2USB Company Driver 0419979531
47 Yowie VK2VBB Company Driver/IT Bloke .
48 Lock VK2JLO Retired .
49 Ian  VK3HAJ Semi Retired .
50 Bill VK4FW Owner/Driver 0428877551
51 Matt VK2ZMT Company Driver .
52 Dennis The Menace VK4OC Retired .
53 Greg/Jopo VK2SO Company Bus Driver .
54 Adrian  VK2BAC Left Industry .
55 Richard VK4FRJG Company Driver  All below here are
56 Roger VK2RO Left Industry .
57 Bruce VK2MBD Company Driver .
58 Rob VK4ARQ Company Driver .
59 Col VK4CSC Left Industry .
60 Russell VK3VZP Company Driver .
61 Larry VK2FLSS Ex Owner Driver .
62 Maurie VK2KV Left Industry .
63 Wayne/The Black Fella VK2TBF Company Driver .
64 Peter VK4NUT Company Driver .
65 Geoff  VK2HF Retired - Now Bushfire Brigade .
66 Craig VK3FDRG Company Driver 0400331285

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