Net Frequencies

    We haven't really sorted out a "formal" net as such as yet, however the interstate members of the group can be found on:-

    It would be good to have a few of you on board, daily.  Don't be shy! Even if you aren't a truckie and are reading this, you are most welcome to join us.  We are in the process of re-invigorating the old "Road Train Award" for those paper chasers out there.  The rules for this award will be posted elsewhere on this site as soon as we have them finalized! Suffice to say, it will be a much sort after award.

    The following is basically the text of an item sent for broadcast on the WIA News.  It explains what we have resolved to do with regard to "The Truckies Net".:-

Australian Amateur Radio Truck Drivers Club News 

Truckies being truckies and the industry wide inability to get more than 2 in the same place at the same time, has meant that we really haven’t been able to organize ourselves into any “on air” nets or activities. Well, that has now changed and the “Truckies Net” is now in session.

The frequency is on or about 3.600 Mhz plus or minus the usual QRM, at about 8:30PM NSW time, Tuesdays and Saturdays at this stage.  Additionally, we are having “unofficial” nets every night of the week to keep our mobile members company as they ply their trade upon the highways and byways of this great country of ours.

Now we realize that there are some established scheds around the same area or frequency already and we will do all we can not impose, however as we have quite a number of mobiles (with very high Q or low bandwidth antennas) it is difficult for us to move too far from that area or frequency with ease.  All licenced Amateurs are invited to join The Truckies Net. You do not need to be a truckie to join us on air. We are not exclusive!

To date we have had nets every night this week (since we tripped over the WIA NSW News broadcast on Sunday) with good numbers checking in.  Logs for this week can be found on our web site (, as well as information about the club in general, our activities and our aims. You can also find a membership list on the site. 

Whilst I am at it, I would like to invite any other people who are currently involved in the transport industry, were once in the industry or have retired and are Amateurs. You are eligible, so don’t be shy. 

So come join us on air and/or visit our web site.  This has been Indy, VK2XB.