VE4MRT, Marty

        Marty's phone number is  204-734-8310.  You will have to work out the Canadian prefix for yourselves! Marty can be found on Swan River Manitoba Canada  irlp # 1700.

Marty, VE4MRT in front of his truck which is a 2008 freightliner, with a Mercedes motor and an auto transmission. Click on image to enlarge in a new window.


        When you look at these pictures, you have to say that we don't do it half as tough in some ways as our Canadian counter-parts.  This series of photos was taken 24 hours apart.  Marty was still expected to take the goods through.  You're kidding me! Bugger that, ay!

        I can put up with all sorts of variations in weather and driving conditions but Marty can have this all to himself!

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road 2.jpg (171257 bytes) road 3.jpg (197124 bytes)


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