This is basically a cut and paste I received from Ken, VK2CRN  I have just deleted a (very) small bit of personal stuff he directed to me.  To my way of thinking, Ken has said all that needs to be said and did it well, so here it is!


            Alf has been on to me to register so here I am.

            Firstly I was licenced as VK2PKW way back in about 1982 then I upgraded to
VK2CRN in 86 which was a releaf especially carting books with me on the road
trying to study when waiting for loads is a real pain.

            I started in Transport just after I left the Navy where I was a Able Seaman
Quartermaster Gunner QMG for short. I learnt to drive in a F700 series Mack
( only the best) out of Wauchope to Brisbane and I sure did it hard for the
first few weeks learning a Quad box. I then graduated to a 3070 Acco running
long haul to FNQ and in between.

            After the Acco I drove a 1418 Benz on interstate for a local company out of Kempsey then worked for HG Pullin in Botany hauling containers around Sydney as well as paper reels off the
wharfs to the Daily Telegraph and Mirror papers in Sussex St Sydney.

            After that stint in Sydney I went back to interstate where I got stuck into study for my Amateur ticket and it was about the time I was driving a R600 Mack that I think we first met. I did that job for some years running Newcastle Brisbane in a loop via Tamworth hauling Turners Tubes and other steel products. Moved to Bega about 1991 for a quiet life and drove local working tippers and water tankers on the RTA road works the spent 5 years driving a Gas tanker for ELGAS here in Bega.

            In 2002 I went back to interstate running Sydney - Brisbane carting containers of frozen meat to Brisbane and Sydney then the last job I did on long distance was carting pre-fab school rooms for TOLLS out of Newcastle and Kempsey.

            Due to a Navy injury with my ankles I gave up driving heavy vehicles due to to much pain
and I am semi retired now. Presently doing an IT course at TAFE and I work as a volunteer for the local Salvo's in Bega testing all their donated electrical gear for resale, hence the amateur training in electrical which came in handy.

            I still get on HF on 3.575Mhz a real good frequency its in the blood after our old Saturday night nets. I also run the local Echolink setup here which is 261307 VK2CRN  so give us a call sometimes.

            I run HF mobile in my Toyota Hilux running a TS50 and a Terlin, 2m as well and have UHF onboard to talk to the Garden Gnomb if he's about.

            We should get back on 3.575 again some night if we can get Alf stirred up enough. I notice you have Paul Thomas VK2WPT listed, know him to as he used to live here in Bega to till he moved to Orange some time ago when I was away driving.

            Anyway cheers for now Ian hope to catch you again soon.

            PS Have a look at my Navy web site, I have done ok so far as I taught myself to use Frontpage Express to build it some 9 years ago.

            Regards:  Ken Witchard  tanker73@bigpond.net.au   VK2CRN

Secretary Treasurer Naval Tankermen Association
Will send along a photo of two soon