Mozz aka Maurie  VK2KV formally VK4NBK, VK4JJF and VK4WAG.
Wide Load escorts and Contract Harvest Operator
Retired Driver Kurtz Transport Chinchilla. Freelance Relief Driver,
Yellow Cabs Wheelie Cab Owner Operator.
I now care for my disabled Wife and our 4 Kids.
Also spent many hours when not attending to house hold duties create
scenery for Flight Simulation and Photograph various areas for texture
I now do a little freelance Photography in the Snowy Mountains where we
now live.
I can be found from time to time on 14.236 on SSTV as well as 7.105 and
3.6375 at various times of the day and night.

I run the Snowy Mountains IRLP Node 6240 currently off line as the
repeater it was linked to has been de-commissioned.
There is hope on the horizon, a new Amateur here in the mountains and I
myself have formed a tentative group of like minded Amateur's and we are
attempting to raise funds for the equipment needed for a new repeater.
We have already obtained a frequency allocation and it is hoped this
repeater will be positioned (we have approval thus far) on Back Perisher
Mountain at a height of over 2000 Metres.

There has been approval for a linear transponder sought which would
hopefully be placed on the southern end of Scammels range greatly
extending the coverage area of the repeater and in turn WICEN Coverage
in times of need with coverage extended to cover a great portion of the
High country that is currently in a communications black hole. .