VK2XB (and VK2PUP - my IRLP node callsign).

        I have been an Amateur since 1984 (according to my Certificate of Proficiency) and a truckie for a good many years more.  My interests are many and varied, including country music, fishing and, of course, ham radio.

        I am currently a tipper driver doing interstate wherever the boss sends me.

        The Black Stump has drug up a (very) old photo of me besides one of the trucks I drove many years ago (aka about 1988).  I am not real keen on having my picture taken as I am frightened of breaking cameras, so this about the only photo I have with me near any truck I ever drove - aside from the "logo" photo on my personal page.  This photo was taken when I was carting Naphthalene with John L Pierce Transport.

        Anyway, since I am always encouraging you blokes to submit stuff about yourselves, and sending in photos for publication and so on, here it is!  Click on the image to enlarge in a new window and close window to return here.  I will see if I can rustle up a few more over the coming weeks.  They will be of trucks I drove, rather than of me, I can assure you!

indy-when-vk2pup.jpg (180568 bytes) vk2xb-single-at-pioneer.jpg (23505 bytes) vk2xb-b-double-at-pioneer.jpg (35869 bytes)
A very young Indy, then VK2PUP beside Naphthalene tanker driven at John L Pierce Tpt This was a Western Star single that I drove at Pioneer.  She had about 300,000 on the clock at this time. I was allocated this b-double at Pioneer.  It was a bit short on in horsepower, but it did the job okay.
vk2xb-first-double-at-rts.jpg (50264 bytes) vk2xb-quad-dog-at-rts.jpg (77215 bytes) vk2xb-new-double-at-rts.jpg (99330 bytes)
RTS gave me this old T604 to drive for a while. Unloading the dog trailer on farm with a load of gypsum paper.  I think Rocket still has this photo on the wall of one of his offices as it is the only photo he has of one of his trucks actually "at work"! This was a photograph taken a couple of days after taking delivery of the new banger.  Photo taken at Nevill and Phyllis Jones' yard at Hay.
vk2xb-loading.jpg (215900 bytes)
Loading new b-double with fine sand at a quarry in Victoria (I think) Loading new T408SAR on farm near Hay, NSW.  Note multi tap whip on driver's mirror.  This Terlin has 2 taps on 80 and 1 each on 75, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 & 6 metres.  The truck is a week or so old in this photo and filthy dirty. Mounting of radios in T408 SAR. At top is the remote head for the Kenwood TS-480 HX, thence UHF CB, 27 Mhz CB and at the bottom is the Yaesu FT-8800 for 2 Metres/70 Centimetres. Note that the HF radio is tuned to the "Truckies Net" frequency.