Job Is Radio Tech In Transport Industry
        Phone number 0425818556
        Email vk3vcs@aapt.net.au

        Web Site

        Freq's monitored, 147.075 VK3RCR
        3.565, 7.070 Mhz
        439.000 Mhz Simplex Geelong Area

        Work for Jet Couriers/Metrans in Melbourne as a in house radio tech.

        When not at work I'm a dad and a voluntary  fire fighter With CFA.

        Some photos for your interest.  Click on image to enlarge in a new window and close window to return here.

anakie-fire-15kms-from-vk3vcs-home.jpg (70352 bytes) antennas-vk3vcs.jpg (55816 bytes) buster-vk3vcs-2nd-op.jpg (82810 bytes)
Fire just over the back of VK3VCS residence at Anakie. VK3VCS antennas. Buster, VK3VCS "second operator"!
pic-of-capt-vk3vcs.jpg (89681 bytes) the-mother-of-all-storms-sth-of-vk3vcs-qth.jpg (46401 bytes) vk3vcs-vehicle.jpg (95251 bytes)
Arrrrgh, me hearties.  Captain VK3VCS at the helm of a houseboat on the Murray River. Large storm rapidly approaching the QTH of VK3VCS Beware of VK3VCS mobile in this jalopy!