Firstly I want to congratulate Ian VK2XB for the continued hard work he has done to get this organisation off the ground. When we have to work to keep the usual bills from the door and still find time to dedicate to a project such as this speaks for itself….. so Ian take a bow.

 Editor's note

            I am uncomfortable with including the comments, above, however Bill has sent them in and, short of something that would denigrate another or otherwise leave us open to legal action, what you blokes (and girls) send in is what goes on this site as it is your site.

            Enuf of that


            I have been involved in the trucking industry for what seems like eternity……. Hells bells if I had murdered someone I would now be free…….. seriously though 27 years and counting (hopefully for many to come, though some people would say I can’t count)

            Back in January 2007 I decided to again join the ranks of owner operator so took the plunge and purchased a Freightliner Argosy 101 (2004 model with a C15). I also purchased a 45 ft flat top trailer (just sold it as I have a new special built drop deck extendable arriving in Sept 2007).

            Since January I have been to every state except Tas & WA but that is only a matter of time. I haul basically anything to anywhere….. however I am spending as much time in QLD as possible due to freight / diesel kilometer rate.

            In the truck I have both vhf and uhf as well as hf none of which gets much use. I became a mad dxer when I was first licensed as VK4MWZ back in 1986. I was one of the few novice ops who actually enjoyed CW and these days spend probably 90% of air time on that mode. Back in 2006 I became the first person in the world to operate from all the VK9 call areas/dxcc.

            The most memorable one is without a doubt the 1993 dxpedition to Mellish Reef where I had the opportunity to spend time dxing with my mentor Harry Mead VK4DHM/VK2BJL(SK). Harry was a brilliant person to learn from and is sadly missed here. He insisted that we needed a recognized honest dx organization in the Oceania area and so in 1996 Oceania Amateur Radio Dx Group Inc was born. Since that time we have been instrumental in helping dxpeditions as well as doing some of our own. Take a look at the web site… www.odxg.org    ….. maybe you would like to join us.


            If you see me around or hear me about please shout out. My wife Cheryl is usually with me in the truck and we enjoy meeting fellow hams/truckies.


            Cu on the black stuff



Bill VK4FW.

Horner Transport Services
PO BOX 612
PH 0428877551
ABN: 12909091910

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