Mike supplied me with quite a bit more information that was not for publication.  I hope I haven't misread your email, Mike, and this was the stuff that was okay to add.  Please do not hesitate to ring me if you want any of this removed. I am pretty sure that this was the stuff that was what you did intend published.


            I am vk4jzz ...  I work for Followmont Transport http://www.followmont.com.au/


        They give me this nice little zippy Stirling to run around in.

        It has Detroit series 60 motor at 470hp with 18sp and the trailer is 24plt. we call it the boat trailer because it has a big picture of a boat on it.

        No.. there is no ham gear in the truck. company policy would not allow it.

         I do pickups mainly in and around South Brisbane ... Rocklea, Acacia Ridge, Darra - anyway you get the drift.


        Cart all that stuff back to Geebung where the depot is. Yeah I know... around town clown. But I am home every night - easy job.

        Cheers.   Mike

        Here is a photo supplied by Mike.  As with all other photos on the site (other than "ghosted" background images), click on the photo to enlarge in a new window and hit close to return here.

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