I thought it easiest if Dennis "speaks" for himself (no pun intended).  You could say that Dennis carted more freight in a week than most of us have in a year!


Hi Ian
I am interested in joining your group:
Name : Dennis Peake
Callsign: vk4oc
Location: Tallegalla Queensland Australia
I am a retired Railway Guard and was an  emergency train driver. (Guard plus Driver) no extra pay.
I had 30 years on the steel wheels and ran from Parkes in the West, Port Kembla in the south, Illawarra via Moss Vale, Goulburn, Albury and North to Broadmeadow. I also did a lot of local running [around town clown] as they call it. (LOL)
State Rail even gave me a ticket to drive the electric trains.
Dennis vk4oc