Strewth, I love you blokes that make my job easy!  David's email, like Dave, VK2RD's, made my job so easy!  Just cut and paste!  Here is David's email and some photos he has sent through!


Hello Guy's,
                 My name is David VK4ZDP from Garradunga in north Qld where we chart molasses from the mills in the cane season and also lime and other product's for the spreaders for the agricultural industry.
                We enjoy keeping in contact with our fellow hams around the state.
                We run a icom 706 mk 2g - ic 7000 auto tuner into a terlin outbacker vertical also a vertical for 2 m and 70cm.
                We are active on most bands like the coral coast group on 7060 in the mornings.
I will send you a photo to have a look of one of the rigs.
                We love water skiing and fishing as some of our many hobby's.
                If you need a bit more information we can pass it on.
                Hope to here from you all soon.
                Cheers for now
                David VK4ZDP
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